Which States Have the Lowest Car Insurance?

auto insurance quotes for different states in US
There is a lot you can do in order to get the lowest car insurance rates. You can buy a car that has good safety features, anti-theft devices and that isn’t a popular car to steal. You can get the lowest car insurance rates by having a good driving record and by grouping your car insurance with other insurance such as homeowners insurance. However, there are also some things you can’t control when it comes to your auto insurance rate. For example, your age, sex and marital status all play a role in your car insurance rates. The state where you live also makes a difference. In fact, some states have significantly lower car insurance premiums on average.

States with the Lowest Car Insurance Costs

autosinsurancesquotesscomparison.com provides a state-by-state listing of average car insurance premiums. According to this website, the nationwide average for car insurance premiums for 2009 was $1736. Of course, these numbers were higher for teens and other high risk drivers and lower for senior citizens and others in preferred groups.

Although the national average can give you an indication of what you may pay if you are an average driver with an average car and driving record, knowing your state specific average can give you an even better idea, since the lowest car insurance rates are available in states with the lowest averages. Here are the top 10 reasons you need a car insurance policy.

States with the lowest average car insurance costs in 2009 include:

  • Iowa at $980.00
  • Idaho at $1057
  • Maine at $1118
  • South Dakota at $1124
  • Arkansas at $1176
  • North Dakota at $1185
  • Hawaii at $1190
  • Alabama at $1247

On the other hand, more expensive states included:

  • New York at $2279
  • Maryland at $2290
  • Rhode Island at $2347
  • New Jersey at $2354

Differences in price between states with the lowest car insurance rates on average and the highest car insurance rates on average may have to do with factors such as the prevalence of car theft among the states. The amount of a state that is comprised of urban areas can also make a difference, as both accidents and theft are more likely to occur in urban areas.

Unfortunately, there is little you can do as far as where you live. However, if you have multiple residences that you split your time between (such as a vacation home and a regular home) it may be worthwhile to check into the average insurance rates in each state and to determine if you can purchase your insurance within the state that offers the less expensive average premiums. Doing a bit of research and finding out the advantages and disadvantages of an insurance policy, also speaking to an insurance broker to find out if this is possible can help you make sure you get the lowest car insurance rates possible.

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