Preparing For an Automobile Insurance Quote

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Filling out an automobile insurance quote online or over the phone with an agent may seem like a very routine process. But the answers you provide – in some cases to questions that don’t seem important at all – can make all the difference in the price of your car insurance. Here are some questions commonly included when companies ask for an automobile insurance quote and these are the top 10 reasons for buying a car insurance, and a look at why the question is more important than you may think.

  • Where do you live? Sure, companies need this information for other reasons, but your address actually plays a role in the cost of the insurance policy. Drivers who live in rural areas qualify for lower insurance costs than drivers who live in big cities. That’s because the fewer vehicles on the road means fewer accidents and auto insurance claims, but the main question is what is auto repair insurance?
  • What is your occupation? This isn’t a throwaway question in the automobile insurance quote to help an agent continue a friendly conversation. Insurance companies have statistical records that show which professions tend to get in the most accidents. For example, teachers generally attract lower insurance rates.
  • How much do you drive in a year? The more you drive, the more likely that you are going to be involved in accidents. But vehicles used mainly for commuting that don’t get a lot of miles in a year often qualify for a generous discount.
  • Where do you park the car at night? If you park the car on the street, it is a sitting duck in case an accident occurs right on the block. Also, if the car is in sight of thieves, it can be broken into or stolen. But a vehicle parked in a garage is statistically much safe, and therefore, qualifies for lower insurance rates.
  • Do you have any group memberships? An insurer may list a number of groups, from the AAA and AARP to motorist clubs and credit unions. If you belong to any of the groups, you often will qualify for discounts.
  • When was your last accident? If you haven’t had an accident or moving violation in the past few years, you may qualify for a discount as a good driver. Of course, the information can cut both ways: if you have had accidents or moving violations recently, you may end up with a much higher insurance cost.
  • Does your car have any safety features? The automobile insurance quote may list a number of safety possibilities so that all you need to do is check off a box. But if something that you believe is a safety feature is not included, or if you have added a safety feature after purchasing the vehicle, make sure that the agent or someone else with the company knows so you can qualify for quick auto insurance quotes at additional discounts.

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