How Long Is A Car Insurance Quote Good For?

How long a car insurance is good for is very important while buying an auto insurance quote
A car insurance quote is based on numerous factors, including your vehicle information, your driving record and your demographics. Because of the amount of information automobile insurance companies require, it can be time consuming to get each individual auto insurance quote, well internet becomes the number one search platform for you when you look to buy cheap auto insurance. When customers want to shop around and get quotes from several companies, it is thus important for each person to know how long a car insurance quote is good for.

How Long is a Car Insurance Quote Good For?

When you apply for a car insurance quote online, some insurers will specify how long that quote is good for thus it helps you make a decision on preparing yourself on an auto insurance quote. In other cases, however, you won’t receive a quote right away but may be told you will be contacted with an email later. In still other situations, the insurance company may not provide details about how long a given offer to buy insurance is open for.

Generally, most car insurance quotes issued online will be good for between 48 and 72 hours from the time you receive the quote. However, some insurers may extend this period for much longer in order to entice you to come back and buy.

When you receive a car insurance quote, you should print out the details of the quote and policy. If an agent issues the quote, get him to put everything in writing. Even if the quoted price changes when you return to the website or call the agent back, in most situations the change will be relatively minor. Generally, a large change in a quoted policy or premium does not occur unless something changes significantly in your situation, such as a change in your driving record. If the change is minor and you have a print out of your original quote, must insurance companies will honor that original quote in order to get your business.

Are Insurance Quotes Binding?

Regardless of how long the car insurance quote is good for, or what the website states, it is important to remember that a quote is not a guarantee that you will be charged the quoted rate and you should be able to differentiate between the advantages and disadvantages. When your policy is written, insurers may uncover new information that alters your price. The final quoted rate you get immediately before signing your policy or purchasing your insurance only becomes binding once you sign the papers and buy the insurance. Any quotes are therefore just estimates.

The more information you provide when seeking car insurance quotes, the more likely it is that your quoted price will reflect your actual premiums. General sites where you estimate your credit or provide rough guesses as answers to questions are likely to give you the least accurate quotes. Websites where you fill out all your personal details and even provide your social security number for a credit check are most likely to give you a car insurance quote that is reflective of what you will actually pay when you buy your policy.

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