When You Buy Automobile Insurance

automobile insurance involves understanding rates, deductibles, coverage types and limits and fine print

When you buy automobile insurance, there are a lot of factors to consider. Understanding automobile insurance involves understanding rates, deductibles, coverage types and limits and fine print. However, ultimately, the goal to remember when you buy auto insurance, is that the policy must protect you and your family from any possible liability or damages you may incur. Thus a car ... Read More »

How to Review Auto Insurance Companies

Before buying car insurance, it is essential to review auto insurance companies to evaluate your options. Because car insurance is mandatory in most states, there are now thousands of auto insurance companies available to choose from. These range from top rated auto insurance companies available in most states to smaller companies which may be only available locally. There are also ... Read More »

Auto Insurance Myths

Revealing all the auto insurance myths that hover around us

  My insurance will go up if I have an accident or get a ticket. That’s one of the most common vehicle insurance myths. The truth is that is not necessarily the case. There are a number of insurance companies that offer accident forgiveness. Also, while some auto insurance companies will increase insurance rates based on a moving violation, there ... Read More »

Top 10 Reasons You Need Car Insurance

The tips that are hard to find when a person looks for in a car insurance policy, we are here to explain why a car needs and the top reasons that explain it. Also you can count on the advantages and disadvantages of motor insurance before looking further into the depth.   It’s the law. In virtually every state, you ... Read More »

Usage Based Auto Insurance

Plug-in devices that monitor aspects of an auto insurance customer’s driving are nothing new. And it’s nearly impossible to miss the commercials touting the savings that good drivers might enjoy if they try out their carrier’s usage-based programs. But what is still only whispered about are the potential downsides: surcharges for bad driving. Most auto insurers go out of their ... Read More »

Advantages and Disadvantages of Car Repair Insurance


Turn unexpected car repairs into a fixed, manageable cost with car repair insurance. Find out how auto repair insurance works. via Advantages and Disadvantages of Car Repair Insurance … There are many different car repair insurance providers taking care of customers all over the country. These can be localized insurance companies, or those … via 5 Most Popular Car Repair ... Read More »

What is Auto Repair Insurance?

Best Auto Insurance Quotes made by insurance experts

What is Auto Repair Insurance? The Story Ten years ago, Martin Williams’ first car was a used 1996 Peugeot 406. Since this was a used foreign car, he should have considered buying auto repair insurance in addition to his standard auto insurance policy. “The model had been launched that very year, so even though the car was secondhand, it was ... Read More »