Where Can I Find Cheap Auto Insurance?

If you trust the ads, cheap auto insurance is available virtually everywhere, you just need to know how to review insurance companies. The way to make sure that you truly get a competitive price for auto insurance is to get insurance quotes from a number of companies boasting inexpensive auto insurance. By comparing those quotes, you should be able to tell which policy price really stands out as inexpensive.

Get Company Names to Find Cheap Auto Insurance/What Determines Your Auto Insurance

  • Ask family and friends. A recommendation from someone you trust can be very helpful. The important question to ask someone you know well is whether they would hire the insurance company again if they had the chance. If so, include it on the list.
  • Look for mechanics. Mechanics or people who work at car dealerships or repair shops have a unique perspective of auto insurance companies. They know the companies that are easy to work with because insurance companies are approving much of the work they do.
  • Choose from the ads. And don’t forget to get a few companies from among the many who advertise the lowest possible rates in the newspaper, phonebook and Internet.

Get Quotes for Inexpensive Auto Insurance

Make sure you have at least three companies, perhaps more, to get insurance quotes from. Before you begin the quote process, decide on the liability coverage and deductibles in your policy. Remember that a high deductible saves money on insurance, but you must be able to afford to pay that deductible – as much as $1,000 – every time there’s an insurance claim. The liability coverage limits determine how much is paid out to people who are injured and for property damage in an accident that’s your fault. Lower levels save money, but if there isn’t enough in the insurance policy to pay all claims, you can be sued personally. So set the liability coverage carefully. When you give information to insurance companies for quotes, be sure to be consistent with each company. If their prices are all based on the same information, you know any comparison between the quotes will be valid.

Compare Quotes for Inexpensive Auto Insurance

The first step in comparing the quotes for inexpensive auto insurance has nothing to do with the bottom-line prices offered. Instead, look through the quotes to make sure each company relied on the same information to provide the quote and the best way is to look it online. Also, check for any fees or additional charges that are included in the policy. Specifically, determine what the company charges to allow you to pay the bill in monthly installments – the favored payment method of most drivers. Second, make sure you are familiar with the way the company handles late payments. If either of these charges seems unreasonable, you may want to go with another policy.

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