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If you have purchased a new car, you won’t be able to drive that vehicle off of the lot unless it is insured. Since no one wants a delay in taking their brand new car home, many customers are interested in instant auto insurance or discount auto insurance. Fortunately, with the advent of the Internet, it is easier than ever before to get instant auto insurance and subsiding the myths of auto insurance. Most major carriers will allow you to shop for and buy insurance quotes within seconds online, and you’ll be able to drive that car off the lot before any of the new car smell fades!

Buying Instant Auto Insurance

Most major insurance carriers allow you to purchase auto insurance instantly from their websites. You can input the required information, get a quote, perhaps even compare that quote to the prices of leading competitors, and then buy the insurance immediately. Online comparison websites that allow you to pit multiple insurers against each other can also offer you the opportunity to buy instant auto insurance from one of a variety of different companies.

You’ll need to provide required information to buy this instant auto insurance online. Generally, this includes information such as:

  • Your drivers license number
  • Your address and other demographic information
  • Your marital status
  • Your social security number (so the insurance company can check your credit; they have determined that those with good credit scores tend to be more responsible drivers and your premiums may be lower)
  • The VIN number for the vehicle
  • The mileage information for the vehicle
  • Your driving record

Additional information may be required depending on the company, and you probably will have to spend at least 5-10 minutes filling out all of the requisite forms before you are able to receive a quote for your instant car insurance.

Once you have gotten several quotes, you can choose the least expensive policy that offers the best coverage and purchase that coverage online. Then you should jot down the steps on the basis by which you would acquire this insurance policy, here you will need to provide bank information, or a credit card or other payment information. Once you have paid the initial cost/premium to activate your insurance, you will now be insured for that vehicle.

Most insurers will fax over proof of insurance to the car dealership immediately, and/or put your car insurance cards in the mail or both. In other words, if you opt to fax over the policy information and proof of insurance, you can truly have instant auto insurance coverage and drive your newly insured vehicle off the lot in minutes.

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